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Alicia Lozano-Diez [Email]

Alicia Lozano-Diez received the double degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), Spain, in 2012, and the postgraduate Master in Research and Innovation in Information and Communications Technologies (I2-TIC) from the same University in 2013. Since 2012, she has been with the Audias research group at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (previously ATVS group), where she is currently pursuing her PhD. Her research is focused on the use of deep neural networks (DNN) for the tasks of automatic language and speaker recognition. In 2015, she joint for a four month research internship the Speech group at Brno University of Technology (BUT, Brno, Czech Republic). In the 2016 summer, she interned at SRI International (STAR Lab, California, USA). During these two research internships, she worked with each of these leading research groups in the field, researching on the main topics of her PhD.

Ruben Zazo [Email]

Ruben Zazo received the MSc in Electrical Engineering in 2014 from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid achieving the best records of hiss class and the ASISA award to the best Academic Trajectory in Telecommunications Engineering. He is currently a M.S. Graduated Researcher pursuing the PhD degree with AUDIAS research group. In 2015 he interned at Google Inc. in their headquarters in Mountain View, California, where he joined the speech research team. Later in 2015 he was awarded with a FPI research fellowship from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. In 2016 he interned at Johns Hopkins University under the supervision of Najim Dehak. Ruben is currently involved in Deep Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks (LSTM), big data, and other state-of-the-art pattern recognition techniques. His interests are multi-disciplinary including Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Patern Recognition, Robotics or Electronics.

Ignacio Lopez-Moreno [Email]

Ignacio Lopez-Moreno received his M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering in 2009 from Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM). He is currently pursuing his PhD degree with the Biometric Recognition Group - ATVS at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, where he is working as an assistant researcher since 2004. He has participated several national projects and technology evaluations, such as NIST speaker and language recognition evaluations carried out since 2005. His research interests include speaker verification, language identification, pattern recognition, speech processing, statistics and forensic evaluation of the evidence. He has been recipient of several awards and distinctions, such as the IBM Research Best Student Paper in 2009.

Álvaro Escudero Barrero [Email]

Álvaro Escudero Barrero received the BSc in Telecommunication Technology and Service Engineering in 2016 from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM), Spain. He is currently studying the Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering (UAM). Since February 2016, he is collaborating as an assistant researcher in the AUDIAS - Audio, Data Intelligence and Speech Research Group, at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid where he is working on speaker recognition and audio fingerprinting systems. His interests also include speech processing, pattern recognition and machine learning.

María Pilar Fernández Gallego [Email]

María Pilar Fernández Gallego received the degree in Electrical Engineering in June 2016 at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain. She is currently studying the Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. She is also collaborating as an assistant researcher in the ATVS-Audias Group at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid since October 2016. Her current research focuses on speech recognition, which has resulted in several publications, and participation in ALBAYCIN 2016 search on speech evaluation.

Adrián García Cantalapiedra [Email]

Adrián García Cantalapiedra, received the BSc in Electrical Engineering in 2015, and the MSc degree in Electrical Engineering in 2017 from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. In 2015, he joined the ATVS-audias group at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, where he is currently collaborating as an assistant researcher. His research interests include speech processing and multi-channel industrial signal processing.